Handsome Sikh Men

I’ve just noticed that one of the top Google searches sending people to this blog is “handsome Sikh men.” I’m worried these people might be disappointed at what they actually find here. So, in the interests of serving my audience: handsome Sikh men.

I have consulted the Sikh Philosophy Network forum on what Sikh women look for in men.
Quotes from the discerning Sikh ladies there accompany the following handsome Sikh gentlemen.

“First, I look for a well tied turban”
“I prefer a man who respects me as a woman and cherishes my woman-ness”
“a saint-soldier with a radiant heart”
“intelligence, diligence to duties, purposeful living, selflessness, equipoise, honour, respect and dynamic energy. . . a man on a mission to serve man and God, in which ever way his destiny determines”
“Love! If a person is able to give you love then there is no need to look for anything else. Love is hard to find but it does exist.”
You can thank me later, ladies.

1 thought on “Handsome Sikh Men

  1. I’m frequently amused by the search terms that lead to my blog. For some reason most of mine are about happiness. I admit I’ve been tempted to do something like this in response as well.

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